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JUST IN: Fox Theatre, nearby businesses evacuated due to gas leak

The Fox Theatre and attached businesses and restaurants have been evacuated due to a gas leak, an Atlanta Fire Rescue spokesman said Friday.

“Vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Peachtree Street and Ponce de Leon is being affected,” Sgt. Cortez Stafford said in an email to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Traffic delays are reported in the area.

Atlanta Gas Light is en route to help with the situation, Stafford said.

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Flu Takes First Pediatric Life In Dallas, Total Deaths Hit 40

DALLAS, TX — Dallas County Health and Human Services has reported its 39th and 40th deaths from complications of the seasonal flu. The victims were 81 and 17-year-old Dallas residents.

This pronouncement marked the first pediatric flu death in Dallas County. Previously the youngest flu victim was 37-years-old and the oldest was 98-years-old, although victims have run the gamut of ages in between.

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The most varied North Dallas apartments you’d ever find

The Most Varied North Dallas Apartments You’D Ever Find

Living in a city and then shifting in the same place is very different than those who need to shift because of much different personal of professional reasons or choices. Hence, if North Dallas is your next destination, allow us to help you with the most varied north dallas apartments that you could benefit from.

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The most combinational North Dallas apartments you would want to know of

The Most Combinational North Dallas Apartments You Would Want to Know Of

Moving to a relatively new place could be a problem for most people, especially when it comes to accommodation and such needs. For all those moving to North Dallas, we have the best North Dallas Apartments waiting just for you.

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The best North Dallas apartments you would ever find

The Best North Dallas Apartments You Would Ever Find

Dallas is the best place in the ever famous state of Texas, where many people migrate because of better opportunities and greater jobs. Living comes as the number one thing that ranks to a better standard.

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Beautifully combinational North Dallas apartments

Beautifully Combinational North Dallas Apartments

Are you about to sift to a newer city? As your employment changed and you need immediate help? Well if that’s the case then we could help you for all your accommodation needs as we present you the most combinational North Dallas Apartments of all time very easily and transparently.

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Exquisite North Dallas Apartments to Definitely Know Of

Looking for really exquisite deals for apartments when moving to North Dallas? Tired of looking but not finding one? Then here’s your solution for greatly exquisite North Dallas Apartments that you have been looking for.

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